Flight Control
Mouse Mayhem!



A fast-paced, challenging air traffic control game. Two modes and 24 levels of action-packed air traffic mayhem will keep your fingers moving! Planes will land themselves, but like any air traffic controller, it is your job to make sure they land and take off safely, and do both quickly. Keep the planes moving and avoid accidents both in the air and on the ground. Watch your salary grow, along with the complexity and speed of game play, as your skills increase. Built on AndEngine and integrated with Scoreloop.

Mouse Mayhem is an action-packed adventure game! Navigate your mouse through forests, deserts, cities, and supermarkets in your quest to find cheese. You will have to out smart a mouse's worst enemies along your journey including cats, rats, trolls, snakes, snowmen, cars, and more.
Some opponents can be neutralized while others have to be avoided. As if that were not enough, you will need to be on the lookout for poisonous plants, deep water, quicksand that will slow you down, and hidden secrets that will allow you to unlock treats and prizes that gain you extra lives.

EcoSphere is a learning and entertainment application. It takes the user through more than 100 interactive animal icons with lessons and images about animals from the 7 continents. It includes information such as size, diet, fun facts, and conservation. It is a great way to learn about the earth and its animal inhabitants. Search the Android Market to find this application.

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